A philosophy.

Dolce Far Nientemeadow2

As I idle in this meadow,

dreaming here amid the weeds,

guilt attempts to halt my leisure,

spur me on to greater deeds.

You should end this intermission,buttercup-meadow

voice of conscience ever leads.


Then another voice speaks softly,

placid voice that ever pleads,

“Take some time to scan the blue sky,

only once, life by us speeds.meadow4

Need you join the throngs who gather,

to promote their petty greeds?”


Tranquil voice to give me pleasure,

voice of all ambitious creeds,

both have wisdom I can treasure,meadow1

spawned from very different seeds.

(Time is never really wasted,

only spent on different needs)

– by Manning Martin


1 Comment

  1. Mike said,

    September 30, 2009 at 4:29 am

    Loved the poem…
    Hit the heart…
    Bookmarked your site months ago, came back to take a look, glad I did.
    Regards, Mike

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