New Handle On An Old Firesteel

An important part of bushcraft for me is making and modifying kit. Some people are really talented and can make some fantastic stuff. My abilities are a little more humble. But it is something I do enjoy.

So, here’s a simple project. A week or so ago I found a deer antler in a boot fair for just £2! Since then I have been rehandling just about everything. So here’s how I went about rehandling a Light My Fire firesteel.

The first picture shows all the key ingredients – an antler and the firesteel. Pretty obvious, really.

First to do was cut off the plastic handle. A quick whiz with a hacksaw and off it came. I measured the length of the original plastic handle and cut a length of horn to the same length. Then I measured how much of the firesteel went into the handle and drilled into the horn the same length. A word about bone/antler: it’s quite tough stuff. The very centre is soft. But the bone itself is hard. I drilled the hole using drill bits of increasing size – trying to drill into the horn in one go with such a large drill bit could just rip the horn apart. I also drilled a hole so I could attach the striker with a length of paracord.

To help the glue grip both bone and steel I cut a serious of slots into the steel with a hacksaw. This lets off loads of sparks, as you can imagine. I also used a bradle to gouge the inside of the hole in the antler. It was then glued in place using Araldite.

Job done.


1 Comment

  1. helen said,

    June 22, 2009 at 10:15 pm

    Mmmm – all very interesting and clever really I guess but not really sure what to say in a response to your blog. It doesn’t inspire me to aspire to be a bushcrafter but I’m happy that you are happy . . .

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