Breaking Bread On Lammastide

On Friday night (31 July) the two of us decided to do a night out. We went to a nearby bushcraft site run by the people who publish Bushcraft Magazine ( The site is near Egerton, Kent and comprises several fields, an area of woodland (with a tree house in it!) and a stream running along the edge. It’s quite remote and in the middle of some gorgeous countryside. Being so close to us, we had to give it a go.

We set up our camp in the woods, near to the tree house. Fires are allowed and guests are allowed to collect fallen dead wood. There was plenty available. We chose our site and started getting our camp together.

Paul was in his hammock and I was on the ground.

Once camp was all sorted we decided to do some crafting. I had brought some flints with me to do some knapping and Paul found an ideal shaped piece of wood (complete with a handle-sized growth) to start work on a wooden mug. However, I soon cut myself on the flint and so decided to put them down. Paul carried on with his mug.

Dinner was to be a chilli – all in one pot cooking makes cleaning a whole lot easier.

The weather forecast was pretty grim so we had both taken everything expecting the worst. But the rain never came. Instead we were treated to a mild, breezy evening. Perfect weather. The chap who runs the site, Huw, paid us a visit and the three of us sat there in the cool evening air as the light faded chatting about bushcrafting, camping, shrimping and childhood memories. Good times.

Next morning was 1 August – Lammastide. Traditionally this is a time of feasting since it marks the start of the harvest season, and it is usually marked by baking a loaf of bread from the first wheat to be harvested. In honour of this we decided to make some fruity bannock for breakfast. All washed down with a mug of tea!

We also climbed up the tree house, because Paul had brought some binoculars with him, and we perched ourselves up there, held hostage by the sheep in the fields below us, watching the birds. And cows.

All in all, it had been a splendid night out.


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