Sporks Glorious Sporks

I decided to make myself a combination spoon/fork. Or ‘sporks’, as everyone knows them.

I made mine out of a piece of hazel. Normally I carve greenwood and then let it dry before sanding and finishing. But this was made out of a dried and seasoned piece of wood. Fortunately, hazel is quite soft and was very easy to carve, even when dry.

I decided the spoon bowl would be one end and  the fork end the other. I also decided I would be a bit fancy and do some engraving on it.

Here it is, roughed out:

I then sanded the whole thing down. When this was done I decided to do some kolrosing to the handle. Kolrosing is a very simple and very effective technique. Basically, it involves engraving a pattern or image into the wood using a fine, sharp, knife point (I used a scalpel balde). You then rub powdered cinnamon into the design and then oil it. When that’s had a day or two to dry, you then lightly sand over the pattern to rub down any raised edges. More details on kolrosing can be found on the Ravenlore website (see links in the sidebar on left).

When this was done I then immersed the completed spoon into a bowl of warm linseed oil for a few hours, wiped off the excess and left to dry.


My new spork, like the kuksa I made (see below) are both yet to used in anger. Once the weather gets nicer I’ll take them out for a baptism!


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