Even More Leather!

Well, I thought I’d show some of the other leather pieces I’ve been making.

We’ll start with the easy stuff.

First up are a couple of pouches – one for a torch and the other for a lock knife (the same one in the previous ‘How To’ post):

Ialso made an axe mask for an axe I got from a boot fair for just £2.50:

Inevitably I also had to make a knife sheath. My damascus knife came with a sheath, but I also have a Mora Clipper and I can’t abide those plastic things they come with, so this was a natural candidate for a new sheath:

And now we come on to the more complicated stuff. Well, actually, they’re really not that more complicated. There are some new techniques to master (wax dipping) but they aren’t that difficult to make. This water bottle holds exactly 1 litre. I braided the cord myself from seven strands of suede thonging I bought from a local craft shop.

And lastly, here’s a leather tankard, about to be christened with a bottle of Theakston’s OP:

I also made a pouch for a pair of binoculars, only I forgot to take a picture of it. It looks, and is made, just the same as the knife/torch pouch – only it’s big enough for a pair of 10×21 binoculars.

You really don’t need that many tools to do leather work. The only essential item you need is an awl for making the holes in the leather before you sew. And it’s hugely satisfying making and using these things for yourself.


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