Rain Rain Go Away

With the weather turning wet and shit I decided that I wouldn’t let it get me down, but instead I would go out for a good wander and not let it beat me.

            It helped that I’d bought some decent wet weather gear – a goretex jacket (bought last year when Blacks went tits-up), some gaiters and a German army poncho (one of those excellent rubberised ones that can also be used as a basha).

            Suitably armed, I set out.

            I decided to go for a walk around Wierton/Boughton Monchelsea, in Kent.

            I have a favourite sit-tree and that’s where I headed for. I have spent many good hours sitting here doing absolutely sod all.


            But given the weather I knew that spot wouldn’t afford much protection from the rain, so I made on for Boughton Monchelsea church, where I knew there was a bench beneath a dense yew tree, overlooking the deer park. I hoped that would give me protection, since it’s also a marvellous view.

            Alas, no.

            So I went back to the church gateway, which has a porch covering it. I sat there and got out my gas stove and made myself a cup of tea, filled my pipe with some whiskey tobacco and had a puff or two. It started to look like a Chinese laundry, because I hung out the poncho and jacket to dry off a bit as well.


            Suitably rested, I decided to make my way back home.

            There’s some great views and great woodland on the walk. Here’s a view, looking south across the Weald.


            The way home led me down a muddy woodland path. It’s typical British woodland – a mix of beech, hazel, birch, sweet chestnut, some oak etc. Some of it was quite slippy and I ended up sliding around like a dog on lino.


            Of course, I had to stop at the pub on the way home and had a pint of lager and lime. Not had that for years. 

It had been a cracking walk. I went further than I intended. It had started as a typical Sunday and the weather nearly put me off, but I knew I’d feel restless if I had an entire weekend in. When I got home I had a dinner of grilled pork steak with roast butternut squash, sweet potatoes, shallots, and parsnip. Marvellous day!


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