Yuletide Logging

God bless the seasons.

Just hurry up and get on with the milder weather.

It was Christmas Eve and I think both of us were getting stir crazy and looking for a reason to get outside. I got a text message from Paul: fancy coming out later – I want to get some  logs to decorate the fireplace.

That had come as a godsend because I was thinking of going out anyway.

So the plan was for Paul to get some logs to decorate the new fireplace he’d installed. We headed up the North Downs.

It was great being out in the snow. We found our spot and Paul got on with finding himself a suitable sized trunk to start sawing into manageable sized logs. I’d brought my homemade Nimblewill stove with me (and a blue carrier-bag full of small wood offcuts for the fire), a 14cm Zebra billy and some Cadbury’s hot chocolate.

Once the drink was ready, and Paul needed a breather from sawing the logs with his trusty Laplander, we sat down, had a hot mug of chocolate, put the world to rights and had a bowl of tobacco and a festive mince pie.

And so, with all that done, and with the sun going down, we made our way back home.

What better way of spending a couple of quiet blissful hours before the storm of Christmas…


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