Aquarius – The Water Carrier

When camping in the UK you have to take a lot of water with you. Natural water sources in the UK have a good chance of being contaminated with chemicals – either chemicals from crop sprays used in arable farming, or hormones added to animal feed in livestock farming which passes through the animal’s digestive system and gets ‘dumped’ on the ground in the time-honoured fashion and then washed away with the rain into streams and rivers. You can filter out particles, boil off germs, but you can do very little about the chemicals

                Either way, in the UK you are better off taking your water with you when camping.  And bottles of water are one of the heaviest things you will be carrying. For a simple over-nighter I find that 2 litres is enough. This covers any cooking, washing and drinking (keeping in mind you also tend to have a couple of cans of beer as well).

                Up until now I’ve been using 58 pattern bottles. I like them because they carry 2 pints rather than 1 litre (assuming you get the originals – those Webtex copies are just 1 litre), which is just that little bit more. And they have a nice wide mouth, which makes filling and drying easier.

                But the other day I bought myself one of those US 2 litre square-shaped bottles. And I thought I’d make a leather carry case for it, because I didn’t like the shoddy nylon camouflage one it came with, and because I thought it looked too military.

                What I like about this bottle is that it can be carried outside of the main backpack, thus reducing the weight of your pack. Also, it has easier access if you want a drink whilst walking (I know you can get water bladders that sit beneath your pack, but I don’t like them. And I don’t like webbing either). But what I also thought is that I could get a spare US water bottle style lid, put a hole in it and attach a tap. Then I could put that lid on it when we got to camp and hang the bottle upside down and have a ready-access supply of water. I haven’t made that tap-top yet, but when making the leather satchel for the bottle I included a metal ring on the corner opposite the spout for when I do.

                So anyway – here’s some pictures of the leather satchel I made for the bottle, so you can see what I mean…


1 Comment

  1. Dark Horse Dave said,

    March 21, 2011 at 4:05 pm

    That looks great – very nice work!

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