Hammock Sandwich

On Tuesday just gone Stu and me decided to have a night out in the woods since neither of us had to be at work the next day.

We kept it local and headed up the North Downs. The idea was just to have a simple camp out, and we got there about 5-ish and set up camp. This was going to be my first time sleeping in a hammock. This was my set up:

This gives you some idea of the angle of slope we were on. But what you can’t see are the many small pieces of flint embedded in the soil. The angle and the flint made sleeping on the ground just about impossible. But the spot was a nice one – amid loads of arrow straight tall Ash trees with a view through the trees down into the Medway valley to the south.

Because we’d got there relatively late we decided not to go with a fire. We broke out the gas stoves, had a couple of beers, smoked a pipe and enjoyed the cool evening.

Since this was my first time sleeping in a hammock it was also my turn to have a cold night’s sleep. I didn’t have anything underneath me and all night my back was, well not really cold, but certainly chilly. Paul made the comment that when he first slept in a hammock he got a cold back, and when Stu first slept in a hammock he got a cold back, and so now it was my turn.

The morning was a misty and murky one, with spots of rain and condensation. You can see it here, and also get a better idea of how steep the slope was. This is the best thing about hammocks – more versatile meaning you can camp out in many places you would otherwise have to move away from.

It was good camping out mid-week. Firstly, because there was no one about, but also because you feel like you’ve done something with your week.


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