Put A Sock In It

I thought I’d do a review.

So for this review I am going to…er…review a pair of socks!

Walking is a big part of bushcraft and just about all outdoor activities, so taking care of one’s feet is essential. I have a personal interest in this because I have a boney right heel, which means I have real problems finding boots that do not rub my heel red raw. But it’s not just down to the boots one wears – it’s also about the socks!

The other day I bought a couple of pairs of double-layer socks from Mountain Warehouse. These normally retail at £12.99 a pair, but the local store was flogging them for £5.99 a pop, so I bought two pairs.

The socks are mid-calf in length and feel nice and thick and wooly. They can be pulled up high enough to roll over the top a pair of 14 or 16 hole boots. Double-layer socks have, as the name suggests, two layers. The idea is that instead of the socks rubbing against your heel the socks have two layers (like one pair of socks inside another) so that what rubs together is the two layers, rather than wool on flesh. The inside layer is a thin close weave:

Long-distance walkers have long since used the idea of wearing one pair of socks inside another to prevent blisters, and that’s exactly how these work. The only difference is that both pairs are joined, so no need to put on/off two pairs of socks and no risk of one pair slipping down.

As for what they are like in use…Well, yesterday Paul and myself went for walk along the North Downs Way/Pilgrims Way. We did some navigation and orienteering exercises as well, and walked about 4 miles, and found some huge snails that had been introduced to the area by the Romans for food (we resisted the temptation to try some). Normally at that distance I could expect a bit of mild soreness on my heel in the best of boots (Black Hawk Warrior Wear Desert Ops boots – worth every penny!). But not this time. Nothing. Nada. Zero. Zip.

This may not sound like much to people who don’t have the same problem as I do, but I can assure you it makes all the difference.

OK, so they’re just socks. And there’s only so much you can say about socks. But these have really made a difference to me. And at that price I am going to be buying another couple of pairs. Double-layer socks are nothing new, and there are some premium brands out there. But at £5.99 (even the RRP of £12.99) a pair they are great value. Be interesting to see how long they last…


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